SnapSeat Photo Booth Features

Social Media Kiosk

Our touchscreen Social Media Kiosk allows you and your guests to instantly post your SnapSeat photos straight to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or Email  and Text them to yourself.  And no need to worry about WiFi, we're our own mobile hotspot!  For a video overview of our social kiosk, click here.


Classic Photo Strips or 4x6 Postcards with Custom Look, Logos, and Text

Even with all that talk of social media and WiFi, we still deliver the highest quality physical prints of your photos from our state-of-the-art dye cut printer. Not only that, all strips have custom background and text. We can even include your company logo!



At SnapSeat, we recognize that your event has an image and what looks great for a corporate event, won't look nice for a wedding (and vice versa). That's why we create custom photo booth banners for your event! Tip: Does your event have sponsors? Consider selling advertising space on our banners!


Online Photo Gallery

All of our events feature a full online photo gallery with all the fun photos from your event uploaded and hosted as part of your service.  Use the gallery link to post highlights from your event to social media, or share the link with guests so they can view, download and share all those fun memories.  To see our gallery pages, visit


Modern & Easy to use

Our modern, sleek designed photo booths are completely touchscreen operated.  Your guests  step in the booth, select the number of prints, and touch the screen to start.  The SnapSeat booth counts down, takes the sequence of photos, prints the selected number or prints, and then instantly uploads them to our Social Media Kiosk.  It is easy to use and comfortable - groups of guests can all stand in the booth easily.  After each session, our booth prints photo strips and 4x6 prints every 10 seconds each. 


Cutting edge technology

SnapSeat features Canon DSLR Cameras, lab-quality dye-sublimation printers , lush touchscreen Microsoft Surface Pros, powerful software for animated gifs, green screens, video options,  and more, plus step-and-repeat designing, image watermarking, Apple social media kiosks with social integration, data & email captures. Our booths get the job done & impresses the crowd.


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